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Bridal Shower Vs. Hen Party ... Whats the difference and what is best for my bestie?

Who is your bestie? Is she a party animal, always glugging the prosecco, looking to dance the night away and throw caution to the wind by suggesting you attend a butlers in the buff event for no reason but its a Friday?

Or is she actually living her best life at afternoon tea - suggesting an epic pottery or cooking class for you to bond?

Lets face it, whilst we all love a good trip to Ibiza, its not everyones idea of fun. Some brides are looking for an inclusive close to home (or at home) celebration that is just as much fun without the Ibiza price tag!

Some people want both! Especially if you mum and mother-in-law might be attending. So to help you decide which party might suit your bestie - weve pulled some top tips to help with your party planning!

Tip 1
How does your bestie usually celebrate? Is she a big dancer always the first one on the floor and last to leave?

Does she secretly want to relive her youth by having one last cray night out? (Please, like it will ever be your last!)

Or is she looking to day drink the night away and be in bed by 10 O'clock?

Alternatively is she looking to be pampered at home by her nearest and dearest - playing games and creating memories?

Obviously there is always an option for both!

How your bestie wants to celebrate the day is important and will help you decide if a shower or a Hen Extravaganza is right!

Tip 2

Who are you inviting to the party? Is it a bunch of your peers? Or are there some outliers and Unknown’s? Does everyone drink, does everyone have disposable income, does everyone have time?
It’s all about your bestie - but is she going to have the most fun if not all her squad can attend? Thinking about who your having will help you avoid disappointment when not everyone can take the week off and head to Vegas!

Tip 3

A 4 day trip to a hot sunny paradise is always a great plan for a hen party you all get tans, get to drink and obviously bond! But remember your friends might have kids, be busy or just not able to take that length of time off - so a bridal shower might work for those that are looking to have as many people as possible.

Tip 4

No one likes to discuss finances - not really - so how do you make sure you’re not putting someone out by suggesting a holiday/ day out they can’t afford?
Do something that can include everyone and doesn’t make people feel like they’ve missed out - FOMO is the worst! Offering everyone the opportunity to attend all activities and events means you’ll be able to have even more fun!

So finally, which are you going for? Bridal Shower Vs. Hen party. Either one is going to mean your bestie has the best time so just make sure you enjoy the party and everyone else. 

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